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Azizi, Founder of CTA Productions NYC has over 10 years of experience covering the movements, culture and visual tempo of our time. 

I capture the moments where I can see the essence of the subject within the dimensions.

I've worked with clients including Playwright Sarah Jones (, The Homegirl Box (, The Ray of Hope Walk (, Damayan Migrants Workers Association ( and Sadie Nash Leadership Project ( just to name a few.

Please don't forget to check the photograph page for more of my work. If we caught your eye, take a look at our contact page and book us.

Let's work together to make some of your moments last forever.



CTA Productions has developed their career over the years, and so has the topics they cover. Due to the success CTA Productions has achieved, they are now able to offer a variety of subjects for their clients to explore. Whatever style of photojournalism you are looking for, you are bound to be impressed with the work of CTA Productions.



Professional Close Ups

These portraits are crisp and clean images that highlights your face and encapsulates your professionalism. These images are perfect for auditions, blurbs, and any other places you need your face to stand out.

Starting Rate: $150 per hour

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Events/ BTS/ Product Shoots etc

These images are the moments in this time that you experience and also wish you could see forever and with CTA Productions NYC you totally can. These images not only capture movement in time but also the essence of the moment.

Starting Rate: $150 per hour

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Capturing Moving Images

These videos capture exactly what you envisioned your event/ interview/ commercial looking like. Every second of these videos tell a story, a story of what creations come to life looks like.

Starting Rate: $150 per hour 



CTA Productions NYC captures priceless moments that will last forever. CTA Productions is passionate about fashioning new worlds through photos and videos with a strong desire to show life in a way that hasn’t been shown before, to bring images to people in a valuable, creative way. CTA Productions NYC believes that the most important quality of a photograph and or video, as in all art, is to evoke an emotional response.